Spells in Elysium domain

Spell name Spell School Rulebook name
Charm Monster Enchantment PH
Charm Person Enchantment PH
Control Weather Transmutation PH
Cure Light Wounds, Mass Conjuration PH
Dispel Evil Abjuration PH
Enthrall Enchantment PH
Find the Path Divination PH
Heal, Mass Conjuration PH
Holy Aura Abjuration PH
Holy Smite Evocation PH
Holy Word Evocation PH
Magic Circle Against Evil Abjuration PH
Mantle of Good Abjuration Sc_
Mind Fog Enchantment PH
Moment of Prescience Divination PH
Planar Tolerance Abjuration Sc_
Protection from Evil Abjuration PH
Sunburst Evocation PH