Spells with Good descriptor

Spell name Spell School Rulebook name
Soul of Light Transmutation DM
Stars of Arvandor Evocation BE
Stars of Arvandor Evocation CV
Stars of Mystra Evocation CV
Storm of Shards Evocation BE
Summon Aspect of Bahamut Conjuration RDr
Summon Bralani Eladrin Conjuration PlH
Summon Bralani Eladrin Conjuration Sc_
Summon Elysian Thrush Conjuration PlH
Summon Elysian Thrush Conjuration Sc_
Summon Hound Archon Conjuration PlH
Summon Hound Archon Conjuration Sc_
Sword of Conscience Enchantment BE
Tomb of Light Transmutation BE
Turn Anathema Enchantment CC
Twilight Luck Abjuration BE
Undeath's Eternal Foe Abjuration Mag
Undeath's Eternal Foe Abjuration PG
Undeath's Eternal Foe Abjuration Sc_
Unearthly Beauty Transmutation BE