Spells with Evil descriptor

Spell name Spell School Rulebook name
Aberrate Transmutation BV
Absorb Mind Divination BV
Absorb Strength Necromancy BV
Abyssal Army Conjuration PlH
Abyssal Army Conjuration Sc_
Abyssal Frenzy Transmutation FCI
Abyssal Frenzy, Mass Transmutation FCI
Abyssal Might Conjuration BV
Abyssal Rift Conjuration FCI
Alert Bebilith Conjuration BV
Animate Dead Necromancy PH
Animate Dread Warrior Necromancy Una
Animate Legion Necromancy HB
Apocalypse from the Sky Conjuration BV
Ashstar Conjuration Sa
Aspect of the Chromatic Dragon Transmutation DM
Aspect of the Deity Transmutation DF
Aspect of the Deity, Greater Transmutation DF
Aspect of the Deity, Lesser Transmutation DF
Aura of Tyranny Devoted Spirit ToB