Spells with Chaotic descriptor

Spell name Spell School Rulebook name
Abyssal Army Conjuration PlH
Abyssal Army Conjuration Sc_
Anarchic Storm Conjuration PlH
Anarchic Water Transmutation PlH
Anarchic Water Transmutation Sc_
Chaos Hammer Evocation PH
Cloak of Chaos Abjuration PH
Demonic Blood Infusion Transmutation Gh
Dispel Law Abjuration PH
Embrace the Dark Chaos Transmutation FCI
Extract Gift Necromancy FCI
Fierce Pride of the Beastlands Conjuration PlH
Fierce Pride of the Beastlands Conjuration Sc_
Iconic Manifestation Transmutation CC
Magic Circle Against Law Abjuration PH
Maw of Chaos Abjuration Mag
Maw of Chaos Abjuration SS
Maw of Chaos Abjuration Sc_
Protection from Law Abjuration PH
Scramble Portal Transmutation Sc_