Blessing of the Godless

( Exemplars of Evil, p. 23)

[Ceremony, Vile]

You invoke the dreadful power of darkness and evil to fill your allies with terrible power.


Evil, Knowledge (religion) 6 ranks.,


You gain access to ceremonies based on your ranks in Knowledge (religion). Each ceremony allows you to provide up to five allies with malevolent energy. Each rite takes 6 minutes to perform, and requires unholy water and the dung of an evil creature (see below). Each participant stands at one of five points, forming a pentagram with you in the center. The effects of each ceremony last for 24 hours unless otherwise noted.

Dark Pact (6 ranks): You spew the hateful words of true wickedness, investing the malevolence of the Lower Planes in the gathering. You create a pool of reserve hit points equal to your class level the number of participants. Henceforth, all participants can draw a number of hit points equal to their class level from this pool as an immediate action. These
reserve hit points can only be used to recover lost hit points, so any drawn in excess of the character's maximum hit point total are wasted. When the pool is depleted, the effects of the ritual end.

Anoint the Wicked (9 ranks): Your filthy words imbue your allies with an incredible sense of purpose, enough to quench any misgivings. Each participant gains a +4 morale bonus on checks made to oppose Intimidate checks and on saving throws against spells and spell-like effects that have the fear descriptor.

Shield of the Godless (12 ranks): In a sharp voice, you speak the reversed names of thirteen good deities, denying their existence and imbuing your allies with wards of unbelief.

Each participant gains a +4 morale bonus on saving throws against divine spells. The participants also gain damage
reduction 5/- against smite attacks made against them. In addition, if any participant is affected by a divine spell, all participants within 60 feet gain a +2 morale bonus on attack rolls and damage rolls for 1 round.

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