Minor Shapeshift

( Complete Mage, p. 45)


Your mastery of shapeshifting magic allows you to reshape your flesh in small but significant ways.


Ability to cast 4th-level spells,


As long as you have a polymorph spell of 4th level or higher available to cast, you can spend a swift action to grant yourself one of the following BENEFITS:: Might: +2 bonus on melee damage rolls. Mobility: +2 competence bonus on Balance, Climb, Jump, and Swim checks. Savagery: Primary claw attack dealing 1d6 points of damage (assuming Medium size). Speed: +5-foot enhancement bonus to any one movement mode you already possess. Vigor: Temporary hit points equal to your HD. The chosen benefit lasts for a number of rounds equal to the level of the highest-level polymorph spell you have available to cast. If you activate this feat a second time while a previous benefit is still in effect, the first benefit ends immediately. As a secondary benefit, you gain a +1 competence bonus to your caster level when casting polymorph spells. See page 91 for details on the new polymorph subschool of spells.

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