Feat Category – Reserve

Feat name Short description Rulebook
Acidic Splatter You can channel magical energy into orbs of acid. Complete Mage
Aquatic Breath Your reservoir of magic allows you to breathe normally even ... Complete Mage
Blade of Force You can surround a weapon with a short-lived aura of ... Complete Mage
Borne Aloft You can channel the magic of the winds to briefly ... Complete Mage
Charnel Miasma Your close connection to death magic causes others to find ... Complete Champion
Clap of Thunder You can deliver a thunderous roar with a touch. Complete Mage
Clutch of Earth You briefly increase the earth's pull on the target creature. Complete Mage
Dimensional Jaunt With a single step, you can cross an entire room. Complete Mage
Dimensional Reach You can transport small objects to you with an act ... Complete Mage
Drowning Glance With a look, you create a small but incapacitating amount ... Complete Mage
Face-Changer Your mastery of illusions allows you to subtly alter your ... Complete Mage
Fiery Burst You channel your magical talent into a blast of fire. Complete Mage
Fragile Construct Your innate attunement to the forces of entropy allows you ... Complete Champion
Holy Warrior Your zeal on the battlefield allows you to deal extra ... Complete Champion
Hurricane Breath The power of elemental air you hold in your mind ... Complete Mage
Invisible Needle You can create tiny darts of force. Complete Mage
Magic Disruption You can use your powers of abjuration to interfere with ... Complete Mage
Magic Sensitive You literally see the emanations of magic around you. Complete Mage
Minor Shapeshift Your mastery of shapeshifting magic allows you to reshape your ... Complete Mage
Mitigate Suffering You can temporarily relieve ability damage. Complete Champion

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