Darsson's Cooling Breeze

(Shining South)

Evocation [Air]
Level: Druid 1, Sorcerer 1, Wizard 1,
Components: V, S,
Casting Time: 1 standard action
Range: 60 ft.
Effect: Line-shaped breeze emanating out from a point you designate within 10 feet of you to the extreme of the range
Duration: 1 hour/level (D)
Saving Throw: None
Spell Resistance: Yes

You create a light breeze (approximately 9 mph) that originates from a point you designate, affecting all creatures, gasses, clouds, and fogs in its path.
Any airborne vapors, fumes, clouds, smoke, and gasses drift away from the point at a speed of 80 feet per round and dissipate in one-fourth the normal time.
In addition to the effects noted, the cooling breeze can do anything that a normal breeze would be expected to do.
It can move wind chimes, scatter pieces of paper or parchment, cause candle or hearth flames to flicker, and so forth.
Darsson's cooling breeze can be made permanent with a permanency spell.

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