Prismatic Sphere

(Player's Handbook v.3.5, p. 264)

Level: Sorcerer 9, Wizard 9, Warmage 9, Sha'ir 9, Protection 9, Sun 9, Family 9,
Components: V,
Range: 10 ft.
Effect: 10-ft.-radius sphere centered on you

This spell functions like prismatic wall, except you conjure up an immobile, opaque globe of shimmering, multicolored light that surrounds you and protects you from all forms of attack.
The sphere flashes in all colors of the visible spectrum.

The sphere's blindness effect on creatures with less than 8 HD lasts 2d4×10 minutes.

You can pass into and out of the prismatic sphere and remain near it without harm. However, when you're inside it, the sphere blocks any attempt to project something through the sphere (including spells). Other creatures that attempt to attack you or pass through suffer the effects of each color, one at a time.

Typically, only the upper hemisphere of the globe will exist, since you are at the center of the sphere, so the lower half is usually excluded by the floor surface you are standing on.

The colors of the sphere have the same effects as the colors of a prismatic wall.

Prismatic sphere can be made permanent with a permanency spell.

Color Order Effect of Color Negated By
Red 1st Stops nonmagical ranged weapons. Cone of cold
Deals 20 points of fire damage (Relfex half).
Orange 2nd Stops magical ranged weapons. Gust of wind
Deals 40 points of acid damage (Reflex half).
Yellow 3rd Stops poisons, gases and petrification. Disintegrate
Deals 80 points of electricity damage (Reflex half).
Green 4th Stops breath weapons Passwall
Poison (Kills; Fortitude partial for 1d6 points of Con damage instead).
Blue 5th Stops divination and mental attacks. Magic missle
Turned to stone (Fortitude negates).
Indigo 6th Stops all spells. Daylight
Will save or become insane (as insanity spell).
Violet 7th Energy field destroys all objects and effects. Dispel magic
Creatures sent to another plane (Will negates).

Note: The violet effect makes the special effects of the other six colors redundant, but these six effects are included here because certain magic items can create prismatic effects one color at a time, and spell resistance might render some colors ineffective (see above).

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