Boreal Wind


Evocation [Cold]
Level: Druid 4, Disciple of Thrym 4, Bard 5, Cleric 5, Sorcerer 5, Wizard 5,
Components: V, S, DF,
Casting Time: 1 standard action
Range: Long (400 ft. + 40 ft./level)
Effect: Gust of wind (20 ft. wide, 20 ft. high) emanating out from you to the extreme of the range
Duration: 1 round + 1 round/2 levels
Saving Throw: Fortitude negates
Spell Resistance: Yes

You create a strong blast of arctic air that originates from your fingertips and moves in the direction you are facing.
As a stronger form of gust of wind, this boreal wind automatically extinguishes candles, torches, and similar protected or unprotected f lames, including lanterns.
Large fires (such as bonfires, a blacksmith's coals, or even a house fire) have a 50% chance to be extinguished by the boreal wind.
Forest or grassland fires are too large to be extinguished by this spell.
All creatures caught in the area take 1d4 points of cold damage per caster level (maximum 15d4).
A successful Fortitude saving throw negates the gust's effects.
Those that fail the save are pushed away from the caster a distance of 3 feet per caster level.
Creatures that remain in the area past the first round must make an additional saving throw each round.
A boreal wind can do anything a sudden blast of wind would be expected to do.
It can create a stinging spray of sand or dust, overturn tents
and blow down small huts, scuttle a small boat, and blow gases or vapors to the edge of the range.
The wind can change direction if you actively direct it (a move action for you); otherwise, it merely blows in the same direction.

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