Warning: This is 3.0 Edition material. It is possible that there is more recent 3.5 Edition version.

Innuendo (Wis; Trained only)

(Player's Handbook 3.0 variant, p. 70)


You know how to give and understand secret messages, while appearing to be speaking about other things. Two rogues, for example, might seem to be talking about bakery goods when they're really planning on how to break into the evil wizard's laboratory.


You can get a message across to another character with the Innuendo skill. The DC for a basic message is 10. The DC is 15 or 20 for complex messages, especially those that rely on getting across new information. Also, the character can retry to discern the hidden message in a conversation between two other characters who are using the skill. The DC is the skill check of the character using Innuendo, and for each piece of information that the eavesdropper is missing, that character suffers a -2 penalty on the check. For example, if a character eavesdrops on people planning to assassinate a visiting diplomat, the eavesdropper suffers a -2 if he doesn't know about the diplomat. Whether trying to send or intercept a message, a failure by 5 or more points means that some false information has been implied or inferred.

The DM makes your Innuendo check secretly so that you don't necessarily know whether you were successful.

Try again

Generally, retries are allowed when trying to send a message, but not when intercepting one. Each retry carries the chance of miscommunication.


If you have 5 or more ranks in Bluff, you get a +2 synergy bonus on your check to transmit a message. If you have 5 or more ranks in Sense Motive, you get a +2 synergy bonus on your checks to intercept (but not receive) a message.

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