Spells in Stance

Spell name Spell School Rulebook name
Absolute Steel Iron Heart ToB
Assassin's Stance Shadow Hand ToB
Aura of Chaos Devoted Spirit ToB
Aura of Perfect Order Devoted Spirit ToB
Aura of Triumph Devoted Spirit ToB
Aura of Tyranny Devoted Spirit ToB
Balance on the Sky Shadow Hand ToB
Blood in the Water Tiger Claw ToB
Bolstering Voice White Raven ToB
Child of Shadow Shadow Hand ToB
Crushing Weight of the Mountain Stone Dragon ToB
Dance of the Spider Shadow Hand ToB
Dancing Blade Form Iron Heart ToB
Flame's Blessing Desert Wind ToB
Ghostly Defense Setting Sun ToB
Giant Killing Style Setting Sun ToB
Giant's Stance Stone Dragon ToB
Hearing the Air Diamond Mind ToB
Holocaust Cloak Desert Wind ToB
Hunter's Sense Tiger Claw ToB