Spells in Conjuration

Spell name Spell School Rulebook name
Benign Transposition Conjuration Sc_
Bind to Hell Conjuration FCII
Black Bag Conjuration BV
Black Blade of Disaster Conjuration Mag
Black Blade of Disaster Conjuration Sc_
Blackwater Tentacle Conjuration Sto
Blades of Fire Conjuration CAr
Blades of Fire Conjuration MH
Blades of Fire Conjuration Sc_
Blast of Flame Conjuration CAr
Blast of Flame Conjuration MH
Blast of Flame Conjuration Sc_
Blast of Sand Conjuration Sa
Blinding Glory Conjuration BE
Blockade Conjuration CS
Blood Creepers Conjuration PH2
Bloodstar Conjuration LM
Bloodstar Conjuration Sc_
Body Outside Body Conjuration CAr
Body Outside Body Conjuration OA