Spells with Water descriptor

Spell name Spell School Rulebook name
Airy Water Transmutation Sto
Anarchic Storm Conjuration PlH
Animate Water Transmutation CAr
Animate Water Transmutation Sc_
Axiomatic Storm Conjuration PlH
Blackwater Taint Necromancy Sto
Blackwater Tentacle Conjuration Sto
Bo of Water Evocation OA
Cloud Chariot Conjuration CAr
Cloudburst Evocation CD
Cloudburst Evocation Mag
Cloudburst Evocation Sc_
Control Currents Transmutation Sto
Control Water Transmutation PH
Create Water Conjuration PH
Dark Tide Necromancy Sto
Depthsurge Evocation Sto
Drown Conjuration Und
Drown Conjuration Sc_
Drown, Mass Conjuration Und