Spells with Fire descriptor

Spell name Spell School Rulebook name
Aganazzar's Scorcher Evocation FRCS
Animate Fire Transmutation CAr
Animate Fire Transmutation Sc_
Backblast Abjuration LE
Blades of Fire Conjuration CAr
Blades of Fire Conjuration MH
Blades of Fire Conjuration Sc_
Blast of Flame Conjuration CAr
Blast of Flame Conjuration MH
Blast of Flame Conjuration Sc_
Blistering Radiance Evocation CAr
Blistering Radiance Evocation Sc_
Body Blaze Evocation Sa
Body of the Sun Transmutation CD
Body of the Sun Transmutation MW
Body of the Sun Transmutation Sc_
Boiling Blood Transmutation CM
Boiling Oil Conjuration HB
Bright Worms Conjuration PH2
Burning Blade Desert Wind ToB