Spells with Earth descriptor

Spell name Spell School Rulebook name
Battlefield Fortification Transmutation HB
Blast of Sand Conjuration Sa
Bones of the Earth Conjuration PH2
Clearstone Transmutation LE
Deadly Lahar Conjuration CM
Earthbolt Evocation CAr
Earthen Grasp Transmutation CAr
Earthen Grasp Transmutation Sc_
Earthquake Evocation PH
Eradicate Earth Abjuration Und
Eradicate Earth Abjuration Sc_
Fist of Stone Transmutation CAr
Fist of Stone Transmutation Sc_
Flash-freeze Transmutation Fr
Flaywind Burst Evocation Sa
Foundation of Stone Transmutation Sc_
Fuse Sand Transmutation Sa
Giant's Wrath Transmutation Sc_
Great Worm of the Earth Conjuration CM
Haboob Conjuration Sa