Spells with Air descriptor

Spell name Spell School Rulebook name
Air Breathing Transmutation Sto
Air Walk Transmutation PH
Airy Water Transmutation Sto
Belker Claws Transmutation PlH
Belker Claws Transmutation Sc_
Binding Winds Evocation Sc_
Capricious Zephyr Evocation Sc_
Control Winds Transmutation PH
Cyclonic Blast Evocation Sc_
Darsson's Cooling Breeze Evocation ShS
Deep Breath Conjuration Sc_
Defenestrating Sphere Evocation CAr
Defenestrating Sphere Evocation Sc_
Downdraft Evocation Sc_
Dragon Cloud Conjuration BE
Eye of the Hurricane Abjuration Sc_
Favorable Wind Evocation Sto
Flaywind Burst Evocation Sa
Gust of Wind Evocation PH
Haboob Conjuration Sa