Sense Motive (WIS)

(Oriental Adventures variant, p. 58)


Included here are new uses of the Sense Motive skill. Player's should refer to the description of the Sense Motive skill stated in the Player's Handbook for full detail about this skill.

Characters use this skill in an iaijutsu duel (see Chapter 6) and at other times when they want to appraise the skill of another character (usually an opponent). Because of these uses, it is a class skill for samurai. In an iaijutsu duel, samurai use the following DCs:

Information DC
Opposing character's level 15
Opposing character's ranks in Iaijutsu Focus 20
Opposing character's total attack and damage bonus with primary weapon 25

Also appears in

  1. Player's Handbook v.3.5

Required for feats

Feat name
Combat Intuition
Recognize Imposter