Feats in Stormwrack

Feat name Short description Rulebook
Aquatic Shot You have developed the technique of fi ring a ranged ... Stormwrack
Blackwater Invocation You can call upon negative energy to infuse normal water ... Stormwrack
Breathing Link You can allow a person adjacent to you to breathe ... Stormwrack
Clever Wrestling You have a better than normal chance to escape or ... Stormwrack
Curling Wave Strike Mimicking the forceful power of the wave, you can trip ... Stormwrack
Expert Swimmer You swim like a fish. You can stay underwater far ... Stormwrack
Flying Fish Leap You can hurl yourself out of the water with ease. Stormwrack
Great Captain You are a master pilot and battle leader; your crew ... Stormwrack
Landwalker You can survive out of the water for a longer ... Stormwrack
Old Salt You are an old hand at shipboard life, having mastered ... Stormwrack
Rapid Swimming You are one with the water. Stormwrack
Sahuagin Flip You can safely attack and withdraw underwater. Stormwrack
Sailor's Balance You are experienced with the rolling decks of the ship ... Stormwrack
Sanctify Water You can call upon positive energy to momentarily transform normal ... Stormwrack
Scourge of the Seas You have a sinister reputation as a pirate and can ... Stormwrack
Sea Legs You are accustomed to the rolling motion on board a ... Stormwrack
Ship's Mage You form a potent supernatural bond with a ship. Your ... Stormwrack
Steam Magic You are skilled at casting fiery spells into the water, ... Stormwrack
Storm Magic You gain a boost in spellcasting power during storms. Stormwrack
Sunken Song You can project your voice underwater. Stormwrack

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