Warning: This is 3.0 Edition material. It is possible that there is more recent 3.5 Edition version.


( Savage Species, p. 40)


You can flatten targets with blasts of air from your wings.


Hover (MM) , Power Attack (PH) , STR 13, fly speed 20 ft., Large size,


As a full-round action, you can hover in place and use your wings to create a blast of air in a cylinder with a radius and maximum height based on your size. The wind strength also depends on your size, as shown on the table below. Size --------Wind Effect --Radius ---- Max. Height. Large ------- Severe ----- 10 feet --- 40 feet. Huge -------- Windstorm - 20 feet --- 80 feet. Gargantuan -Hurricane -- 30 feet --- 100 feet. Colossal ---- Tornado ---- 40 feet --- 120 feet. Because the blast of air only lasts for your turn, creatures ignore the checked effect unless they are airborne (in which case they are blown back 1d6×5 feet).


You can use this feat for a full round instead of as a full-round action. If you do, the wind lasts until your next turn (and you can choose to continue the effect during your next turn). Anyone in or entering the cylinder is affected. Because you are producing a continuous blast of air, the checked effect works normally while the wind lasts (checked creatures cannot move forward against the force of the wind, or they are blown back 1d6×5 feet if airborne).

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