Feats in Sandstorm

Feat name Short description Rulebook
Blazing Berserker When you enter your rage, your body becomes infused with ... Sandstorm
Blessed by Tem-Et-Nu Tem-Et-Nu has marked you as having an important destiny in ... Sandstorm
Drift Magic You can tap the power of drift magic. Sandstorm
Eagle's Fury You know how to wield the eagle's claw with deadly ... Sandstorm
Fiery Spell Your fire magic is bolstered, further scorching your enemies. Sandstorm
Heat Endurance Either as a result of growing up in the waste, ... Sandstorm
Improved Heat Endurance You can survive even in the most extreme natural heat ... Sandstorm
Judged by Aurifar Aurifar, the Caliph of the Sky, has judged you, and ... Sandstorm
Light of Aurifar Undead that you turn or rebuke immolate.Undead that you turn ... Sandstorm
Pharaoh's Fist Your unarmed strikes echo with thunder, stunning your foe and ... Sandstorm
Priest of the Waste You can swap out prepared spells for others that aid ... Sandstorm
Rattlesnake Strike Having observed the ways of a desert viper, you have ... Sandstorm
Sand Camouflage You can hide yourself in sand with a moment's notice. Sandstorm
Sand Dancer While making another attack, you attempt to blind a foe ... Sandstorm
Sand Snare When you knock your foes into the sand, they have ... Sandstorm
Sand Spinner You spray sand with your acrobatic maneuvers. Sandstorm
Sandskimmer You are particularly adept at moving over sand. Sandstorm
Scorpion's Grasp Like the scorpion, you can grab and hold your prey. Sandstorm
Scorpion's Instincts You are hard to find in the waste. Sandstorm
Scorpion's resolve Like the scorpion, you are not easily distracted. Sandstorm

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