Shadow Striker

( Player's Handbook II, p. 94)

[Fighter Bonus Feat, Tactical]

You melt into the shadows, hiding from your enemies until the time is right. Your cunning, guile, and stealth allow you to pick the most opportune moment to strike.


Hide 12 ranks, Move Silently 12 ranks,


The Shadow Striker feat grants you access to three special tactical maneuvers.

Evade Notice: If both you and an ally threaten an opponent, you can attempt to slip beneath your opponent's notice. On your turn, if you take no hostile actions, such as attacking, casting an offensive spell, and so forth, you can make a Hide check opposed by the threatened foe's Spot check. If you succeed on this check, your foe cannot attack you on his next turn as long as he threatens another active opponent. If you attack your foe for any reason before or during his next turn, you lose this maneuver's benefit.

Fade Away: To use this maneuver, you must first attack an opponent as a standard action, then move away and attempt a Hide check as part of your move action for the turn. If your attack hits, it creates a momentary diversion, granting you a +5 bonus on this Hide check.

Ghost Strike: You use an ally's distraction and your talent to move noiselessly and slip out of your opponent's field of vision for a single, crucial moment. To use this maneuver, both you and an ally must threaten a single foe. As a standard action, you make a Move Silently check opposed by your foe's Listen check. If you succeed on this check, you gain this maneuver's benefit. On the next round, your target loses his Dexterity bonus to AC against your first attack of the round so long as your ally still threatens him.


A fighter can select Shadow Striker as one of his fighter bonus feats .

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