Blessed of the Seven Sisters

( , p. 176)


As a result of a personal connection to one of the Seven Sisters, you have a taste of Mystra's special favor.


Able to cast 6th-level arcane spells,


You may add the following spells to the spell list of one arcane spellcasting class that grants you access to 6th-level spells. 1st Level: Ray of hope, vision of heaven. 2nd Level Ease pain. 3rd Level: Blessed sight. 4th Level: Sword of conscience. 5th Level: Crown of fl ame, sacred guardian. 6th Level: Crown of brilliance. 7th Level: Righteous smite. If you have a spellbook, you may add these spells to your spellbook as normal. If you cast spells spontaneously in the manner of a sorcerer or bard, you may immediately, as an additional benefi t of this feat, swap any one spell that you know for a spell of the same level from the above list. After you take this feat, you may swap spells known according to the usual rules for your class.

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