Mastery of the Azure Sky

( Player's Guide to Eberron, p. 125)


You have learned to calculate the precise location of Syrania at any given time, and to use that knowledge to enhance spells you cast to grant flight.


Extend Spell (PH) , Spellcraft 6 ranks, Knowledge (the planes) 2 ranks,


Any time you cast a spell that grants its target a fly speed or improves its fly speed (without altering its form), you can spontaneously apply the effect of the Extend Spell metamagic feat to that spell. Doing this has no effect on the spell's level or casting time. Examples of such spells from the Player's Handbook include fly, overland flight, and haste (if cast on a creature with a fly speed). It does not apply to spells that grant a fly speed by altering the creature's form, such as gaseous form, polymorph, and wind walk, nor would it work on air walk, ethereal jaunt, levitate, or reverse gravity (since these spells, while they allow movement through the air, do not grant a fly speed).

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