Hurling Charge

( Miniatures Handbook, p. 27)

[Fighter Bonus Feat, General]

You are trained in using thrown weapons as part of a charge attack.


Quick Draw (PH) , Base attack bonus +6,


If you charge an opponent, you may make a ranged attack with a thrown weapon as well as a melee attack with another weapon that you draw during the charge. You may use this feat only if you have a throwing weapon in hand at the start of your turn. Both attacks must be made at the same opponent, and both receive the bonus on attack rolls for making a charge. (If you kill the enemy you're charging with the thrown weapon, you complete the charge but don't get a melee attack.) You must also follow all the requirements of making a charge. If you have the ability to make multiple attacks on a charge, you may make only one attack in addition to the thrown weapon attack. You still take the normal —2 penalty to Armor Class for making a charge attack.


A fighter may select Hurling Charge as one of his fighter bonus feats.

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