Mother Cyst

( Libris Mortis: The Book of the Dead, p. 28)


You gain the ability to cast necrotic cyst spells by growing a cyst of your own.


Knowledge (religion) 2 ranks, Caster level 1st,


You grow an internal cyst of undead fl esh called a mother cyst. The cyst may be noticeable as a discolored swelling on your skin, if desired. The mother cyst is slightly painful, but otherwise isn't harmful. The mother cyst grants you access to a selection of cyst-related spells listed below (and described in Chapter 4 of this book). You cast these spells like any other spell you can cast, once you host a mother cyst (if you are a caster who prepares spells, you can prepare all necrotic cyst spells without referring to a spellbook, as if you had the Spell Mastery feat for each such spell). Necrotic Cyst Spells: 1st--necrotic awareness; 2nd--necrotic cyst, necrotic scrying; 3rd--necrotic bloat; 4th--necrotic domination; 5th--necrotic burst; 6th--necrotic eruption; 7th--necrotic tumor; 8th--necrotic empowerment; 9th--necrotic termination.


A creature without this feat cannot cast necrotic cyst spells.

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