Fell Conspiracy

( Exemplars of Evil, p. 24)


You forge a connection with a target to ease communications and to keep you apprised of developments in the field.


Knowledge (religion) 4 ranks, WIS 13,


You gain access to ceremonies based on your ranks in Knowledge (religion). These ceremonies forge a link between participants who work toward a common cause.
During each ceremony, all participants huddle together and speak in hushed tones, conveying the dark purpose of the conspiracy. Each ceremony takes 20 minutes, and its effects last for 24 hours.
Common Cause (4 ranks): You confide in each ally, whispering your plans into his ear. Once you have finished, you nick each other's ears with a sharp blade (no damage). Henceforth, each participant can cast the message spell at will at your caster level.
This ceremony requires a masterwork dagger.
Conspiratorial Bond (8 ranks): You concoct a paste of potent herbs and apply it to the eyes and ears of all participants, including yourself. While doing so, you intone a resonating, rhythmic incantation. All participants gain a +2 bonus on Listen checks and Spot checks for every other participant in range. In addition, all participants within 100 feet can communicate telepathically.
This ceremony requires rare herbs worth 50 gp.
Inviolate Link (12 ranks): Using a concoction of blood and hair from each participant mixed with rare herbs and diamond dust, you paint an eye onto the forehead of each ally. As long as they remain within 100 feet of you, none of you can be caught flat-footed unless all of you are, and none of you can be flanked unless all of you are.
This ceremony requires a bit of blood and hair from each participant, rare herbs worth 50 gp, and diamond dust worth 100 gp.

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