Feats in Elder Evils

Feat name Short description Rulebook
The elder evil you serve is fickle in its rewards ... Elder Evils
Entities of utter evil and villainy have a stake in ... Elder Evils
Abominable Form You revel in the ruination of your flesh, drawing power ... Elder Evils
Abyss-Bound Soul You have pledged your immortal soul to a particular demon ... Elder Evils
Apostate Your hatred of the gods cloaks you with potent resistance ... Elder Evils
Chosen of Evil Your naked devotion to wickedness causes dark powers to take ... Elder Evils
Dark Speech You learn a smattering of the language of truly dark ... Elder Evils
Dark Whispers By whispering foul utterances in the Dark Speech, you can ... Elder Evils
Deformity (Eyes) You have either drilled a hole in your forehead trying ... Elder Evils
Deformity (Face) Because of intentional self-mutilation, you have a hideous face. Elder Evils
Deformity (Gaunt) Through intentional starvation and macabre operations, you are grossly underweight. ... Elder Evils
Deformity (Madness) You revel in madness, embracing your hallucinations, erratic behavior, and ... Elder Evils
Deformity (Parasite) You invite parasites into your body in exchange for a ... Elder Evils
Enemy of Good You draw power from your unholy devotion. Elder Evils
Filthy Outburst You shriek a phrase in the Dark Speech to deafen ... Elder Evils
Harvester of Souls When you deliver a killing blow, you destroy both the ... Elder Evils
Insane Defiance You adopt insanity as a shield to turn effects that ... Elder Evils
Lichloved By repeatedly consorting with the undead, you gain dread powers. Elder Evils
Murderous Intent Your favored enemies fear your savagery and inhumanity. Elder Evils
Reflexive Psychosis In the face of adversity, you withdraw into the haunted ... Elder Evils

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