Feats in Dungeonscape

Feat name Short description Rulebook
Combat Tinkering You can disarm traps or pick locks quickly and efficiently, ... Dungeonscape
Font of Inspiration Dungeonscape
Gnome Tunnel Acrobatics Goblin raiding parties whisper of the crazed but effective tactics ... Dungeonscape
Hammer and Piton You can drive pitons into your foes, giving you a ... Dungeonscape
Quick Reconnoiter You are skilled at scanning an area or object quickly ... Dungeonscape
Trap Engineer You have spent a great deal of time studying trap ... Dungeonscape
Trap Sensitivity Your senses are so attuned that you can detect mechanical ... Dungeonscape
Tunnel Fighting You are adept at maneuvering and fighting in tight spaces ... Dungeonscape
Undermountain Tactics Dwarves have developed a variety of cunning tactics to defeat ... Dungeonscape
Weapon and Torch You have mastered a style of fighting that uses a ... Dungeonscape

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