Feats in Dragonmarked

Feat name Short description Rulebook
Mark of Vengeance Your aberrant dragonmark strikes at the hearts of dragonmarked foes ... Dragonmarked
Mark of Vermin Your aberrant dragonmark gives you a natural affinity for vermin. Dragonmarked
Mark of Xoriat You are what the witches of Droaam call a "byeshkalzah"-- ... Dragonmarked
Master of Wards You use the power of your dragonmark to shield your ... Dragonmarked
Mighty Dragonmark Your dragonmark is particularly strong, and its powers are harder ... Dragonmarked
Nightborn Dragonmark You are more in tune with your dragonmark at night. Dragonmarked
Orien Battle Stride Thanks to your dragonmark, you are more difficult to push ... Dragonmarked
Protective Mark Your dragonmark makes you more resilient against certain weapon attacks. Dragonmarked
Quicken Dragonmark You can use your dragonmark powers more quickly. Dragonmarked
Quill of Sivis Your dragonmark makes you more adept at deciphering and using ... Dragonmarked
Sentinel Stance As your dragonmark improves, so does your ability to protect ... Dragonmarked
Shield of Siberys Your dragonmark protects you against the powers of those cursed ... Dragonmarked
Stormrider Your dragonmark improves your balance and ability to weather the ... Dragonmarked
Storms Riposte Your dragonmark enables you to make deadly ripostes in melee ... Dragonmarked
Trap Warden Your dragonmark allows you to sense, avert, and disarm traps ... Dragonmarked
Umbral Mark Your dragonmark grants you new insight into the ways of ... Dragonmarked
Unlock Dragonmark You can unlock the other powers of your dragonmark. Dragonmarked
Ward of Khyber Your aberrant dragonmark protects you against the powers of those ... Dragonmarked
Winters Mark As a member of the Children of Winter sect, you ... Dragonmarked

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