Feats in Dragonmarked

Feat name Short description Rulebook
Grace of Ghallanda The power of your dragonmark fills you with social grace, ... Dragonmarked
Greater Aberrant Dragonmark As it increases in power, your aberrant dragonmark expands to ... Dragonmarked
Greensingers Mark Your dragonmark increases the damage you deal to aberrations and ... Dragonmarked
Healing Strike Your dragonmark allows you to heal and fight at the ... Dragonmarked
Heart of Siberys You channel the power of your Siberys dragonmark to protect ... Dragonmarked
Hunters Mark Your dragonmark makes it easier to hunt and kill your ... Dragonmarked
Improved Draconic Aura You draw power from your dragonmark to enhance your draconic ... Dragonmarked
Lesser Aberrant Dragonmark Your aberrant dragonmark increases in size and becomes more powerful. Dragonmarked
Manticore's Sting You are a master of the art of throwing numerous, ... Dragonmarked
Mark of Deflection Your dragonmark helps deflect attacks made against you. Dragonmarked
Mark of Destiny You can call upon the power of your Siberys mark ... Dragonmarked
Mark of Madness Your aberrant dragonmark causes momentary madness in creatures. Dragonmarked
Mark of Purity Your dragonmark renders you immune to effects that would sicken ... Dragonmarked
Mark of Resilience The power of your dragonmark gives you a survival edge. Dragonmarked
Mark of Stars If the stars are the eyes of dragons that have ... Dragonmarked
Mark of the Dauntless Your dragonmark helps you shake off effects that would daze ... Dragonmarked
Mark of the Recovery You draw upon the power of your dragonmark to stay ... Dragonmarked
Mark of the Wilderness As a member of the Wardens of the Wood sect, ... Dragonmarked
Mark of Truth The power of your dragonmark aids your attacks against foes ... Dragonmarked
Mark of Twelve Moons Your dragonmark has mysterious ties to one of Eberron's twelve ... Dragonmarked

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