Draconic Aura

( Dragon Magic, p. 16)


You can tap into the raw power of dragons to create a variety of potent auras around you.


Character Level 3,


When you select this feat, choose a draconic aura (see page 86). You can project this aura as a swift action. Its benefit applies to you and to all allies within 30 feet. The bonus of your draconic aura is +1. The aura remains in effect until you dismiss it (a free action), you are rendered unconscious or dead, or you activate another draconic aura in its place.


if you are of the dragonblood subtype, the bonus of your draconic aura improves with your class level. The aura grants a +2 bonus at 7th level, a +3 bonus at 14th level, and a +4 bonus at 20th level. You can select this feat more than once. Each time you select it, you gain the ability to project another aura of your choice (but not more than one aura at a time).

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