Water Bloodline

( Dragon Compendium)


You have a creature of elemental water as an ancestor. Your physical characteristics might vary with the type of elemental creature from which you are descended, but you're likely to have blue, green, or white coloration. Water blood stems both from planar elemental beings and creatures native to the Material Plane that have a strong affinity for water.

Triton spawn often seem well meaning but distant. Characters who can trace their water heritage directly to a being from the Elemental Plane of Water, however, can seem downright cold to others.

Water-blooded characters adventure for a number of reasons, but they all seem driven to go forward, go deeper, and overcome any obstacles in their paths. Some deep-seated instinct teaches them to be aware of what's going on around them, since death can come from any direction underwater. Since fluids are so adaptable, characters with this bloodline are fond of spells that deal with change.


Ability to cast arcane spells without preparation,


Your ancestry gives you a bonus spell known at each spell level, starting at 1st, according to the following list.
1st—Expeditious retreat
2nd—Fog cloud
5th—Transmute rock to mud
6th—Otiluke'sfreezing sphere
7th—Control weather
8th—Summon monster VIII (elementals and outsiders with the water subtype)
9th—Elemental swarm (water elementals only)


If a character takes this feat any time after 1st level and has already learned any of the spells on this list in the class that granted him access to this feat, he gains no additional spells known at those spell levels. This restriction does not apply if he learned any of these spells as a member of another spellcasting class.

Characters with Water Bloodline cannot learn or cast spells with the fire descriptor, and all such spells are removed from the spell lists of all their spellcasting classes.

A character may choose only one base bloodline feat.

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