Residual Magic

( Complete Mage, p. 46)


You can use the lingering energy from a spell you cast to boost the effect of a later spell.


Spellcraft 12 ranks, any metamagic feat,


The Residual Magic feat allows the use of two tactical maneuvers. Enduring Potency: If you cast a spell from your daily allotment of spells, then cast the same spell from a scroll or wand in the next round, you can treat the second casting as if it had come from your daily allotment of spells for the purpose of caster level, save DC, and any other effect of the spell. For example, if Hennet the 10th-level sorcerer casts magic missile, then activates a wand of magic missile (caster level 5th) in the next round, he can treat the wand's magic missile as if he had cast it (giving him a greater range, number of missiles, and so forth). Lingering Metamagic: If you cast a spell affected by one or more metamagic feats, and then cast the same spell in the next round, you can apply any one of the metamagic effects from the first casting to the second casting, but without any change to the spell's level. The second spell doesn't count as being affected by a metamagic feat for the purpose of this benefit (that is, it doesn't entitle you to apply the metamagic feat to a spell you might cast in the following round). Only spells you cast using your own metamagic feats (as opposed to metamagic effects from magic items) allow this option to function. For example, if Hennet uses a 5th-level slot to cast an empowered lightning bolt, in the next round he can use a 3rdlevel slot to cast another empowered lightning bolt. If the first spell was a silent empowered lightning bolt, he could apply the effect of either Silent Spell or Empower Spell to the second casting of lightning bolt, but not both.

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