Battlecaster Defense

( Complete Mage, p. 39)


You have mastered techniques for taking full advantage of spells in melee while remaining unharmed.


Combat Casting (PH) , Base attack bonus +1, caster level 1st,


The Battlecaster Defense feat allows the use of three tactical maneuvers while spellcasting in melee. Defensive Targeting: To use this maneuver, you must use the defensive casting option to cast a spell with a range of touch. If you successfully deliver the spell (that is, you succeed on the melee touch attack) on an enemy who threatens you while you cast it, you gain a +2 bonus on any touch attack you make against that enemy on your next turn. Practiced Defense: When you successfully cast a spell defensively in 2 consecutive rounds, you gain a +10 bonus on any Concentration check made to cast a spell defensively in the next round. Safe Retreat: When you successfully cast a spell defensively, your movement on your next turn doesn't provoke attacks of opportunity from any creatures that were threatening you when you cast defensively. (The movement still provokes attacks of opportunity from other creatures normally.)

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