Master Staff

( Complete Arcane, p. 192)


You can activate a staff without using a charge.


Craft Staff (PH) , Spellcraft 30 ranks,


When you activate a staff, you can expend a spell slot instead of using a charge. The spell slot must be one you have not used for the day, though you can lose a prepared spell to emulate a staff charge (but you cannot lose prepared spells from a specialty school). The spell slot expended must be equal to or higher in level than the specifi c spell stored in the staff (including any level-increasing metamagic enhancements). You cannot emulate a charge for a staff power or ability that does not match a specifi c spell. For example, you can use this feat to lose a prepared 3rd-level spell to activate lightning bolt from a staff of power, but you can't lose a spell to double the staff's melee damage because that power doesn't match a specifi c spell.

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