Feats in CityScape

Feat name Short description Rulebook
City Magic You can use the city itself to enhance your spellcasting. CityScape
Deceptive Spell You can cast spells that seem to come from somewhere ... CityScape
Efficient Defender You have learned to use new techniques and modifications to ... CityScape
Extra Contacts You make connections and alliances easily. CityScape
Favored You are an active and valued member of your guild, ... CityScape
Invisible Spell You can make your spell effects invisible. CityScape
Primary Contact Your rapport with one of your contacts is stronger than ... CityScape
Roof-Jumper You can make use of the features of the city ... CityScape
Roofwalker You are adept at moving and fighting on rooftops and ... CityScape
Special Dispensation You have been given leave to carry even banned armor, ... CityScape
Strong Stomach You have greater resilience to illness and foul odors than ... CityScape
Swift Tumbler You can flip, twist, and roll with great speed. You ... CityScape
Urban Tracking You can track down the location of missing persons or ... CityScape

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