Initiate of Torm

( Champions of Valor, p. 31)


You have been initiated into the greatest secrets of Torm's church.


Cleric or paladin 4th, patron deity Torm,

Required for

Mark of the Triad (CV) ,


You gain the smite power, the supernatural ability to make a single melee attack once per day with a +4 bonus on the attack roll and a bonus on damage equal to the sum of your cleric, druid, ranger, and paladin levels. These bonuses only apply if the attack is made against a follower of Bane or Cyric. (including former incarnations or variants of those deities, such as Bhaal, Myrkul, or Xvim); if you accidentally smite a creature that doesn't meet this requirement the smite has no effect but is still used. You must declare the smite attempt before making the attack. In addition, you add the following spells to your cleric or paladin spell list. 1st--bless weapon (cleric only), command (paladin only). 4th--hand of Torm(Mag) *. *This spell (and others) appeared in Magic of Faerun with a deity designator, but there was no rule prohibiting its use by other clerics. If you use initiate feats in your game, you should not allow clerics without the appropriate initiate feat to cast those spells. Thus, only characters with the Initiate of Torm feat should be able to cast the hand of Torm spell, even though Magic of Faerun put it on the cleric and paladin spell lists.

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