Feat Category – Warforged

Feat name Short description Rulebook
Adamantine Body At the cost of mobility, a warforged character's body can ... Eberron Campaign Setting
Adamantine Body At the cost of mobility, your warforged body can be ... Races of Eberron
Brute Fighting Your extensive training with two-handed weapons is revealed through brutally ... Races of Eberron
Cold Iron Tracery Cold-forged iron that runs through your body allows you to ... Races of Eberron
Construct Lock Your knowledge of construct nature allows you to deal extra ... Races of Eberron
Improved Damage Reduction You gain damage reduction or improve your existing damage reduction. Eberron Campaign Setting
Improved Fortification You improve your warforged fortifi cation, gaining immunity to sneak ... Eberron Campaign Setting
Improved Resiliency You gain a construct's resistance to nonlethal damage. Races of Eberron
Ironwood Body Your body is crafted with a layer of hard ironwood ... Races of Eberron
Jaws of Death Gnashing teeth and a powerful set of jaws allow you ... Races of Eberron
Mithral Body A warforged character's body can be crafted with a layer ... Eberron Campaign Setting
Mithral Body Your warforged body can be crafted with a layer of ... Races of Eberron
Mithral Fluidity Your movements are smoother and more fluid than those of ... Eberron Campaign Setting
Overload Metabolism You can heal damage at a cost to your other ... Player's Guide to Eberron
Psiforged Body As a warforged, your body can be crafted using trace ... Magic of Eberron
Second Slam You have learned to use your form to the utmost ... Races of Eberron
Shocking Fist Your slam attack can deal a shock. Player's Guide to Eberron
Silver Tracery Alchemical silver tracery covers your body, allowing you to overcome ... Races of Eberron
Spiked Body Your body is overlaid with hundreds of protruding spikes that ... Races of Eberron
Unarmored Body Your body is crafted without its normal layer of armor, ... Races of Eberron

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