Feat Category – Haunt

Feat name Short description Rulebook
Control Visage Your ghost body is shaped as if you were alive ... Ghostwalk
Fade You can make your ghost body more diaphanous and difficult ... Ghostwalk
Frightful Moan You can unleash a moan that panics creatures near you. Ghostwalk
Frightful Presence Your very presence can cause others to be stricken with ... Ghostwalk
Haunting Appearance You can make your ghost body assume a terrifying appearance ... Ghostwalk
Haunting Voice You can make your voice originate from another location. Ghostwalk
Horrific Appearance You can blast creatures with your simple appearance. Ghostwalk
Improved Control Visage You can change your ghost form's appearance. Ghostwalk
Solid Visage Your ghost body appears solid and alive. Ghostwalk

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