Feat Category – Ghost

Feat name Short description Rulebook
Agony Touch Choose one physical ability score (Strength, Dexterity, or Constitution). When ... Ghostwalk
Control Visage Your ghost body is shaped as if you were alive ... Ghostwalk
Corpse Malevolence You can possess and animate dead bodies. Ghostwalk
Corrupting Touch Your touch can damage creatures. Ghostwalk
Ectoplasm You can create ectoplasm, a gooey physical manifestation of base ... Ghostwalk
Enervating Touch Your touch can bestow negative levels upon creatures. Ghostwalk
Ethereal Sidestep You can teleport yourself a short distance. Ghostwalk
Expanded Possession You can ride or possess an additional type of creature. Ghostwalk
Fade You can make your ghost body more diaphanous and difficult ... Ghostwalk
Freezing Touch Your touch is supernaturally cold. Ghostwalk
Frightful Moan You can unleash a moan that panics creatures near you. Ghostwalk
Frightful Presence Your very presence can cause others to be stricken with ... Ghostwalk
Full Manifestation You can manifest fully when you would otherwise be forced ... Ghostwalk
Ghost Flight Your fully manifested ghost body can fly. Ghostwalk
Ghost Glide Your fully manifested ghost body can slowly fly. Ghostwalk
Ghost Hand You can move small objects in a limited manner when ... Ghostwalk
Ghost Healing You can transfer some of your own ectoplasm to another ... Ghostwalk
Ghost Ride You can hide within the physical body of a living ... Ghostwalk
Grand Malevolence You can possess multiple creatures and control their actions. Ghostwalk
Greater Witchlight Your witchlight can last longer, become hotter, or give off ... Ghostwalk

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