Spells in Teleportation

Spell name Spell School Rulebook name
Astral Hospice Conjuration PlH
Astral Hospice Conjuration Sc_
Baleful Transposition Conjuration MH
Baleful Transposition Conjuration Sc_
Benign Transposition Conjuration MH
Benign Transposition Conjuration Sc_
Bind to Hell Conjuration FCII
City Stride Conjuration RD
Citygate Transmutation DC
Desert Diversion Conjuration Sa
Dimension Door Conjuration PH
Dimension Hop Conjuration PH2
Dimension Jumper Conjuration CM
Dimension Jumper, Greater Conjuration CM
Dimension Leap Conjuration MoE
Dimension Shuffle Conjuration PH2
Dimension Step Conjuration PH2
Door of Decay Conjuration CC
Dream Walk Conjuration HH
Evacuation Rune Conjuration CS