Spells in Summoning

Spell name Spell School Rulebook name
Abyssal Army Conjuration PlH
Abyssal Army Conjuration Sc_
Abyssal Might Conjuration BV
Aerial Summoning Dance Conjuration Rac
Ancestral Vengeance Conjuration OA
Animate With the Spirit Conjuration CV
Armageddon Conjuration BE
Bedevil Conjuration CR
Call of the Twilight Defender Conjuration DM
Creeping Doom Conjuration PH
Deific Vengeance Conjuration CD
Deific Vengeance Conjuration Sc_
Doom of the Seas Conjuration Sto
Dragon Ally Conjuration Dr
Dragon Ally, Greater Conjuration Dr
Dragon Ally, Lesser Conjuration Dr
Drawmij's Instant Summons Conjuration PH
Elemental Swarm Conjuration PH
Eyes of the King Conjuration LM
Eyes of the King Conjuration Sc_