Spells in Creation

Spell name Spell School Rulebook name
Acid Breath Conjuration Sc_
Acid Fog Conjuration PH
Acid Orb, Lesser Conjuration MH
Acid Rain Conjuration HB
Acid Sheath Conjuration Sc_
Acid Splash Conjuration Mag
Acid Splash Conjuration PH
Acid Storm Conjuration Sc_
Anarchic Storm Conjuration PlH
Anarchic Storm Conjuration Sc_
Apocalypse from the Sky Conjuration BV
Arc of Lightning Conjuration CAr
Arc of Lightning Conjuration MH
Arc of Lightning Conjuration Sc_
Arctic Haze Conjuration Fr
Arrowsplit Conjuration CR
Ashstar Conjuration Sa
Axiomatic Storm Conjuration PlH
Axiomatic Storm Conjuration Sc_
Bands of Steel Conjuration CAr