Spells in Calling

Spell name Spell School Rulebook name
Abyssal Rift Conjuration FCI
Alert Bebilith Conjuration BV
Call Dretch Horde Conjuration BV
Call Faithful Servants Conjuration BE
Call Kolyarut Conjuration PlH
Call Kolyarut Conjuration Sc_
Call Lemure Horde Conjuration BV
Call Marut Conjuration PlH
Call Marut Conjuration Sc_
Call Mount Conjuration BE
Call Nightmare Conjuration BV
Call Zelekhut Conjuration PlH
Call Zelekhut Conjuration Sc_
Cry of Ysgard Conjuration BE
Dragon Ally Conjuration Sc_
Dragon Ally, Greater Conjuration Sc_
Dragon Ally, Lesser Conjuration Sc_
Dragon Cloud Conjuration BE
Halaster's Fetch I Conjuration CSW
Halaster's Fetch Ii Conjuration CSW