Spells with Electricity descriptor

Spell name Spell School Rulebook name
Arc of Lightning Conjuration CAr
Arc of Lightning Conjuration MH
Arc of Lightning Conjuration Sc_
Ball Lightning Evocation Mag
Ball Lightning Evocation PG
Ball Lightning Evocation Una
Ball Lightning Evocation Sc_
Call Lightning Evocation PH
Call Lightning Storm Evocation PH
Call Lightning, Greater Evocation MW
Chain Lightning Evocation PH
Electric Jolt Evocation Mag
Electric Jolt Evocation Sc_
Electric Loop Evocation Sc_
Electric Orb Evocation TB
Electric Orb, Lesser Conjuration MH
Electric Orb, Lesser Evocation TB
Electric Vengeance Evocation PH2
Electric Vengeance, Greater Evocation PH2
Energy Spheres Evocation Sc_