Spells with Acid descriptor

Spell name Spell School Rulebook name
Acid Breath Conjuration Sc_
Acid Fog Conjuration PH
Acid Orb Evocation TB
Acid Orb, Lesser Conjuration MH
Acid Orb, Lesser Evocation TB
Acid Rain Conjuration HB
Acid Sheath Conjuration Sc_
Acid Splash Conjuration Mag
Acid Splash Conjuration PH
Acid Storm Evocation Mag
Acid Storm Evocation PG
Acid Storm Conjuration Sc_
Corrosive Grasp Conjuration Mag
Corrosive Grasp Conjuration Sc_
Energy Spheres Evocation Sc_
Energy Vortex Evocation CD
Glorious Master of the Elements Evocation DM
Greenfire Evocation Una
Melf's Acid Arrow Conjuration PH
Mestil's Acid Breath Conjuration Mag