Wilderness Lore (Wis)

(Player's Handbook 3.0 variant, p. 76)


Use this skill to hunt wild game, guide a party safely through frozen wastelands, identify signs that owlbears live nearby, or avoid quicksand and other natural hazards.


You can keep yourself and others safe and fed in the wild.

DC Task
10 Get along in the wild. Move up to one-half your overland speed while hunting and foraging (no food or water supplies needed). You can provide food and water for one other person for every 2 points by which your check result exceeds 10.
15 Gain +2 on all Fortitude saves against severe weather while moving up to one-half your overland speed, or gain +4 if stationary. You may grant the same bonus to one other character for every 1 point by which the check result exceeds 15.
20 Avoid getting lost or avoid natural hazards, such as quicksand.

Try again

For getting along in the wild or for gaining the Fortitude save bonus, you make a check once every 24 hours. The result of that check applies until the next check is made. To avoid getting lost or avoid natural hazards, you make a check whenever the situation calls for one. Retries to avoid getting lost in a specific situation or to avoid a specific natural hazard are not allowed.


If you have 5 or more ranks of Intuit Direction, you get a +2 synergy bonus on Wilderness Lore checks to avoid getting lost. A ranger gains a bonus on Wilderness Lore checks when using this skill to gain information about a favored enemy (page 45).

Required for feats

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