Spot (WIS)

(Player's Handbook v.3.5 variant, p. 83)


Use this skill to notice bandits waiting in ambush, to see a rogue lurking in the shadows, to see through a disguise, to read lips, or to see the monstrous centipede in the pile of trash.


Varies. Every time you have a chance to spot something in a reactive manner (for example, when someone tries to sneak past you while hidden, or you move into a new area), you can make a Spot check without using an action. Trying to spot something you failed to see previously is a move action. To read lips, you must concentrate for a full minute before making a Spot check, and you can't perform any other action (other than moving at up to half speed) during this minute.

Try again

Yes. You can try to spot something that you failed to see previously at no penalty. You can attempt to read lips once per minute.

Required for feats

Feat name
Clarity of Vision
Cougar's Vision
Deft Strike
Deft Strike
Distant Shot
Hawk's Vision
Point it Out
Quick Reconnoiter
Quick Reconnoiter
Recognize Imposter
Spot the Weak Point
Trap Sense
Uncanny Accuracy