Scry (Int; Trained only)

(Player's Handbook 3.0 variant, p. 73)


Use this skill to spy on someone with a scrying spell or a crystal ball or to perform some divinations.


You can't use this skill without some magical means to scry, such as the scrying spell, the greater scrying spell, the vision spell, or a crystal ball. Use of this skill is described in association with those spells and items. These items allow you to spy on others, and this skill just lets you do it better. This skill also improves your chance to notice when you're being scried, as detailed in the descriptions of the arcane eye and detect scrying spells.


Although this skill is exclusive to certain classes, it can be used untrained. This means that a character with no ranks in Scry, and who is not allowed to buy ranks in this skill, can still make an Intelligence check to notice when he is being scried.


Bard, Cleric, Druid, Sorcerer, Wizard Only.

Required for feats

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